Zellee Organic Plant Based Fruit Jel Strawberry Pear Flavor
Zellee Organic Fruit Jels in Strawberry Pear boost immunity with Vitamins A, C, D
Zellee Fruit Jels contain half a cup of fruit per serving
Zellee Organic Fruit Jels are sugar free and allergen free
Zellee Organic plant-based fruit jels are great for active lifestyles and perfect for after sports, hiking
Zellee Organic Fruit Jels are certified organic, plant based, vegan, non-GMO strawberry pear ingredients
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Fruit Jel

Strawberry Pear


Strawberry and pear are a perfect pair.

  • made with organic fruit
  • no added sugar
  • immune boosting vitamins A, C & D
6 pack

Ripe, juicy strawberries and fresh, delicious pears meet up in this fruitfully flavorful mix we decided to call "Strawberry Pear." You're probably wondering why we didn't call it something like "Berry Mason" or "Strawpeary Fields," right?  Trust us, we thought about it, but we ultimately decided to keep it simple--kind of like our jels. We think you'll find this combo delightfully refreshing.

what's inside?

Real Fruit
organic ingredients
Added sugar
animal gelatin
Artificial Ingredients
added coloring

what's not

why Zellee over other brands

Strawberry Pear


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Andrea L.
Traverse City, Michigan
pouches are new for us

We have children and are always looking for healthy options for snacks. I love the fact that these are organic. My whole family liked these. Yum!

Monica G.
San Antonio, Texas
great product

I found these to be great snacks and treats for my children especially my 3 year old. It is a great energy booster and in - between healthy snack. My kids love it and ask for them so i knkw its a winner. I've since bought more and filled my pantry with them. I appreciate the opportunity to try them.

Cassie H.
Middletown, Ohio
great fruity taste and quick and easy for on the go nutrition. i felt good about eating this because of the real, all natural ingredients. i felt like i was indulging though because it was like a fruit snack.

The organic fruit snacks by Zellee Organic I received in the mail are so fresh, juicy and completely AMAING! The taste and freshness is great! Definitely will be buying more!

Hailey C.
North Richland Hills, Texas
great fruity taste

These were good, but there is another brand we prefer to use. Not as flavourful as our other brand. I would purchase again if we couldn't find our regular brand.

Aurora, Illinois
tasted good

The flavor and texture was very good. You can taste the strawberries not so much the pear. I love that it has a natural texture felt like I was eating actual strawberries. I will keep buying these.

fruit jel FAQs

  • How do you eat Zellee?

    Right out of the pouch. Give it a squeeze and experience alohaliciousness. Or you can use Zellee as an ingredient in your acai bowl, as a substitute for jelly in PB&J, or as a topping for your ice cream sundae. The possibilities are endless.

  • When is a good time to eat Zellee?

    Anytime is Zellee time, but here are some suggestions: as a morning snack, at half-time, in the car, at work, on a hike, at the beach, and as a midnight snack. Zellee is also great after dental or medical procedures when solid food is not an option.

  • What is the texture like?

    It’s softer than a traditional gelatin snack, but it still has the fun, jiggly feel.

  • This pouch looks a lot like baby food. Is it baby food?

    Looks can be so deceiving. Zellee is not baby food but a great snack for anyone between the ages of 1 and 100 (or older). Rumor has it that our founder’s grandmother lived to 109, and she was a Zellee fan.

  • What is konjac?

    Konjac is a plant native to East Asia, and its corm (similar to a root) looks like ginger’s not-so-attractive cousin. Konjac has natural gelling properties. In other words, konjac makes us gel. It might sound new and mysterious, but konjac has been used as a medicinal food in Japan for hundreds of years.

  • Does Zellee need to be refrigerated?

    Zellee does not need refrigeration, but we think it tastes best chilled. Once opened, we recommend refrigerating and consuming within 24 hours.

  • How much sugar is in a pouch?

    There are 12 grams of sugar per pouch—all from fruit juice and puree.

  • Are there any allergens in Zellee?

    Zellee is free of the 8 major food allergens. We’re a proud partner company of Snack Safely.