Zellee Organic Sports Jel with electrolytes in Hawaiian Tropical Twist and Aloha Raspberry Lemonade
Zellee Organic Sports Jels reduce muscle cramps and increases energy and stamina
Zellee Sports Jels contain half a Cup of fruit in each serving
Zellee Sports Jels are great for an active lifestyle supports hydration after sports, hiking, yoga, golf
Zellee Sports Jel contains over 70 ionic trace minerals including Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Calcium
Zellee Organic Sports Jels ingredients and certifications for Hawaiian Tropical Twist and Aloha Raspberry Lemonade
Zellee Organic Sports Jels ingredients and certifications for Hawaiian Tropical Twist and Aloha Raspberry Lemonade
Sports Jel

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6-pack Sports Jel
Assorted Flavors - e-Gift (including pre-paid shipping)


sports jel FAQs

  • When is a good time to eat Zellee Sports Jels?

    Anytime is Zellee time, but here are some suggestions: before a workout, during a workout, after a workout! Also while you're hiking, after yoga, on a bike (tuck it in your jersey), camping trips, beach days, anytime you're in the sun for a while, while golfing, or on a road trip. Because every human alive thrives on having some extra trace minerals, our sports jels are also great if you're feeling a little dehydrated or need to rehydrate for any reason.

  • Do Zellee sports jels contain table salt like other jels and hydration drinks?

    Table salt is an inexpensive way for companies to label their product as an ‘electrolyte.’ Yep, we said it.

    And nope, no table salt at Zellee. We chose to use only full spectrum ionic trace minerals--that’s a fancy way of saying that the minerals we add will help you stay truly hydrated, for longer, and have a much quicker recovery. So cool, right?!

  • What are trace minerals exactly?

    Trace minerals are nature’s perfect blend of minerals suspended in salt. The trace minerals used for our sports jels include over 70 minerals that are necessary for all the body’s functions.

  • Why do I need extra minerals? I thought salt was enough.

    With every single breath, our bodies are transferring blood, oxygen, nutrients, and information via tiny electrical impulses. It’s a miracle of nature, but those electrical impulses need an array of minerals in order to take place. Our ionic trace minerals are full spectrum, which means they provide ALL the minerals you need to be healthy throughout the day. They are also readily absorbed by the organs, nerves, fluids, and tissues of the body—which means proper oxygenation, nutrient dispersal and assimilation, and true hydration.

  • What is the texture like?

    Our sports jels are somewhere between a sports drink and a sports gu/jel...except easy to swallow and digest, and very refreshing!

  • I’ve tried goos and jels, and it’s like trying to drink liquid peanut butter. Will that be an issue with Zellees?

    First off, that sounds awful…and we’re aware that it’s a running joke with trail runners and cyclists the world around. The answer is NO, eating a Zellee Sports Jel is not like drinking a liquified sports bar or peanut butter smoothie or nut butter blend in a pouch.

    Downing one of our sports jels is like sipping a fresh glass of juice on a hot beach, like dipping your toes in a cool stream in the mountains, like a lemonade in the middle of a desert in July, like Mom’s chilled orange wedges at half time during soccer practice.

  • What is Konjac?

    Konjac is a plant native to East Asia, and its corm (similar to a root) looks like ginger’s not-so-attractive cousin. Konjac has natural gelling properties. In other words, konjac makes us gel. It might sound new and mysterious, but konjac has been used as a medicinal food in Japan for hundreds of years.

  • Do Zellee Sports Jels need to be refrigerated?

    Zellee does not need refrigeration, but we think it tastes best chilled. Once opened, we recommend refrigerating and consuming within 24 hours.

  • How much sugar is in a pouch?

    There are 12 grams of sugar per pouch—all from fruit juice and puree.

  • Are there any allergens in Zellee?

    Zellee is free of the 8 major food allergens. We’re a proud partner company of Snack Safely.

  • How much caffeine is added to Zellee Sports Jels?

    None. We don’t need to add caffeine for our sports jels for them to be helpful—we packed real fruit ingredients for lots of energy and carbohydrates, and full spectrum electrolytes that help you stay truly hydrated.

  • I’m a cyclist and like to stuff goos and jel in my jersey. Will Zellee’s fit? What do I do with the cap when I’m done?

    Yep, a couple Zellees should fit just fine. Make sure to fasten the cap to the pouch when you’re done so you can dispose of it later. 

  • Do I need to drink lots of water with Zellees?

    Zellee’s are ready to eat right out of the pouch.  Electrolytes also work much more effectively when combined with plenty of water. Zellee’s are not a replacement for water.