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Alohalicious? What is this combination of “aloha” and “delicious” supposed to convey? That our organic, plant-based, fruit jel snack company from Maui makes delicious products infused with the very essence of the aloha spirit? Actually, yes. That’s exactly what it’s supposed to do. Now, about those products that are so alohalicious…

what the jel?

What exactly is a jel? Zellee is a jel, not a gel, because our jels are made without gelatin. But wait, there’s more. Zellee is a healthy, plant-based alternative to another product out there, but we can’t say its name here on our website. If we did, we’d get one of those cease and desist letters big companies send to small companies when they feel threatened, which to be honest, is absolutely fair considering they invented the word and trademarked it.

Zellee Organic tropical Hawaiian leaves

 If you want to guess what we’re talking about, here are two clues: It’s a super fun, colorful and jiggly snack. It rhymes with hello.

You know what we’re talking about! You can say it. We can’t. Yeah, Zellee Organic jel snacks are essentially that, but without the added sugar, artificial flavors, food dyes, and animal gelatin. It’s a jel without the uh-oh of the unhealthy stuff you want to avoid. And, of course, always plant-based, organic, and alohalicious.

Zellee Organic Hawaiian Tropical Leaves

kick back with konjac

The funny-looking character chilling out in the hammock over there is konjac, the plant we use to give Zellee its fun jel-like texture without having to use gelatin. If you’ve never heard of konjac, we're not totally surprised. We made a short-but-sweet bulleted list of fun facts to help you get to know konjac.  It won’t disappoint.  At least, we don’t think it will.

Zellee Organic is made with Konjac Root instead of Gelatin. Kick back with Konjac!
Zellee Organic is made with Konjac Root instead of Gelatin. Kick back with Konjac!
Zellee Organic is made with Konjac Root instead of Gelatin. Kick back with Konjac!
Zellee Organic is made with Konjac Root instead of Gelatin. Kick back with Konjac!
Konjac is a root from southeast Asia and makes our fruit and sports jel, gel!

what people are saying

"Delicious alternative to jello. I love that it's convenient, delicious, flavorful and vegan! I can't wait to try the other flavors! The texture was very satisfying, and I overall thoroughly enjoyed the product."

- Kimi N., Naperville, IL
fruit jel

"What I really love about this product is the convenience and ease of carrying especially when walking/hiking.  I tried the strawberry pear and it tasted just like that, a strawberry and pear.  The size and convenience is what makes it top of my list!"

- Tracey L., Austin, TX
fruit jel

"Zellee Organic is great. It tastes good and it's healthier than all the other products on the market. I would definitely recommend this to my friends. Great energy boost."

- Richard F., Los Angeles, CA
fruit jel

"When I first saw these, I knew they would be a great snack option for my kids! Then I tried them and realized that they're a great option for the whole family! They're so good, especially when chilled in the fridge! I love that I can finally satisfy my sweet tooth and I don't have to feel guilty about it because these don't have any added sugar!"

- Samantha V., Brooklyn Park, MN
fruit jel
Zellee Organic was founded in Maui, Hawaii by two moms

the zellee story

You’re probably wondering who’s behind this delicious, nutritious snack. Is it a big brand trying to nudge its way into the plant-based market?  A small group of hipster foodies trying to make their millennial mark? Or maybe a Silicon Valley startup attempting to disrupt the food industry? Nope. It’s two moms named Eriko and Lisa, and it all started quite humbly in a kitchen not so long ago on an island not so far away…

Zellee Organic Hawaiian Tropical Leaves

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